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Paul Mash TV

Chris Melanson is a great country singer from Canada and i had the opportunity to interview him for my show. If you love great country music, you’ll live Chris. Paul Mash of Paul Mash TV

Country Roads Records

Chris Melanson..He is one of our many talented artists…He has a special way to reach out to the fan’s & viewer’S…Everyone loves Chris’s charm & ability to speak to your heart thru his music..He has been & ongoing several charts & award ceremonies. He’s a… Read More »Country Roads Records

Nashville Worldwide Radio

I have been playing Chris’s music for some time now once I discovered the International Singer Songwriters Association which Chris is involved in. Have yet to receive any music from him that I considered to be below par for radio broadcasting. He has a genuine… Read More »Nashville Worldwide Radio

Last to Say Goodbye

I was outside one evening working around the house when the words came to mind, “I was the first to say I Love You, & The Last To Say Goodbye” I immediately thought “now this is a Country Music title!” My wife Janice and I… Read More »Last to Say Goodbye

John Arnell

Chris Melanson is a fantastic country singer. He’s one of the old style country singers and he also writes some great songs. I have a country music site on Facebook and Chris Melanson always goes down well with the members. He always comes on the… Read More »John Arnell


Chris Melanson, the original Canadian Cowboy, what can I say?Chris has an impressive portfolio of music, full of meaningful lyrics and life experience. His tonal quality and composition make this “cowboy’ an outstanding contribution to the country scene. ‘It’s a pleasure to have his music… Read More »RVRadio.us